What makes the world go round?

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What makes the world go round?  Some say it's money, power, or influence.  But if we search for the answer from within we know the truth.  Love, makes the world go around.  What wouldn't we do for those we love.  I love many people, but there is only one person that my heart belongs to unconditionally.  What would I not do for my daughter Jessica. So I am sorry star-struck lovers.  Valentine's day is not all about young lovers, roses, and chocolate.  It is about the most powerful of emotions, love.  It is sweet to celebrate it on February 14th.  But true love is what we feel when we see the person and persons we love the most.  The joy we experience when we see them laughing and happy.  I want that emotion all year round.  That is why to my family and friends I will strive to tell you every day and remind you.  I love you, not the meaningless I love you, as an expression.  But the kind of, I love you so much you can call me anytime and I will be there for you.  I want to wish you a Happy Valentine Day, I how you all get to spend time with those you love.