Babcock Ranch America’s first solar-powered town

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Life-Powered by the Sun

America’s first solar-powered town and we’re pretty passionate about it. From our 870-acre solar farm to solar tree charging stations, to the country’s largest solar-plus battery storage system, renewable energy is a part of everyday life at Babcock Ranch.



At Babcock Ranch, our environmentally friendly design sprang from the ground up. Half of Babcock Ranch’s total footprint is dedicated to greenways, parks & lakes, with an active trail system of more than 50 miles through preserved and restored ecosystems. Starting with a thorough understanding of the natural systems, we’ve located development areas where they will have the least impact.

  • More than 90% of the development is located on previously impacted pasture, farm and rock-mined land
  • Extensive use of surface water best management practices and filter marshes for water quality; town layout improves existing flow ways and wetland ecosystems
  • Integrated water management system sets a new standard for watershed protection, flood control and demand reduction
  • Native tree and plant landscape palettes and 100% use of reclaimed water for irrigation Babcock Ranch builds upon learnings from other smart cities and embodies all facets of the sustainability label, with an emphasis on social, physical,

        nutritional, spiritual, economic and educational well-being of our residents and businesses. Sustainability is woven right into the infrastructure to create a town is in harmony with its surroundings. State of the art solar facilities supply

        the town – and the broader region – with clean, renewable, integrated power through a collaboration with regulated utility.

  • World’s first new town utilizing on-site solar generation facilities to produce more clean, renewable energy than it consumes
  • 75 mw FPL Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center with 10-megawatt battery storage facility opened as the largest solar-plus storage project operating in the U.S.
  • Generating capacity doubled in 2019 construction of a second 75mw facility.
  • Solar panels on commercial rooftops throughout the community further expand generating capacity


Babcock Ranch is committed to becoming a place for forward looking, sustainable technological development – a “living laboratory” where leading innovators can design, deploy and refine smart technologies that will change the way we live. This emphasis on innovation and technology – powered by clean, renewable solar energy - opens the door for job creation by positioning Babcock Ranch as the to call home. The 6 million square feet of light industrial, retail, commercial civic and office space approved as part of the master plan for Babcock Ranch supports the creation of employment opportunities in researching, developing and implementing the new technologies and products of an innovation economy. Strategic partners like Florida Power & Light (FPL), CenturyLink and Lee Health are already leveraging
the technological infrastructure of Babcock Ranch to take new and emerging technologies and service delivery models from concept to reality. technology aimed at improving the predictability and reliability of solar power. The 10MW of battery storage added in March 2018 made the Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Centerthe largest solar-plusstorage project operating in the U.S. Doctors are just a “click” away. Lee Health is taking advantage of the gigabyte of fiber-optic connectivity based at the Lee Physician Group Clinic at Babcock Ranch.
Babcock Ranch Business Advantages  OPPORTUNITY ZONE All Babcock Ranch lands located within Charlotte  County and part of an economic Opportunity Zone. Opportunity Zones are designed to stimulate private, tax incentives including the waiver of federal capital
gains taxes. Opportunity Zone incentives are available for qualified investments at Babcock Ranch through 2027.  LIFESTYLE The Babcock Ranch lifestyle is a powerful tool for the melding of modern technology and timeless hometown charm – all nestled within expansive natural spaces – this solar-powered town delivers an unmatched quality of life

• Innovative public charter school offering Project-Based Learning (PBL) and a Green-STEAM curriculum
• Educational programs for lifelong learning
• Community gardens
• Access to trails and lakes
• Regional parks
• Neighborhood pools/clubhouses
• Health & Wellness Center 

Babcock Ranch spans the border between Charlotte and Lee counties and has quickly become a social and commercial hub for the surrounding region. Founder’s Square at Babcock Ranch is less than a 25-minute drive from downtown Fort Myers. The latest census figures show there are nearly 207,000 people living within a 25-mile commute – and more than 951,000 within a 45-minute drive. That’s a significant pool of potential customers and employees for Babcock Ranch businesses to tap.

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